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Benefits of Naturism

Still on the edge? Not quite ready to take the plunge? Take a look at the variety of benefits naturism has to offer. Maybe it'll give you the extra push you need!

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Welcome, glad to see your shining face! Wanna get into naturism, but still need some convincing? I mean, that is why you're here, reading this right? Take a look around, maybe stay awhile and soak up all of the goodness being naked has to offer.

Vitamin D

"Vitamin D levels will become higher when naked, giving you an immunity boost and an overall health boost."

Honestly, this is probably the most beneficial of them all. When you expose your bare body to the sun, it begins soaking up all of that vital vitamin D our bodies need. The more skin you show, the more your D levels will rise. Just be cautious of how much sun you get, don't need any burnt bits now do we?

Better Sleep

For better sleep, your body's core temperature needs to fall to optimal levels. When you sleep naked, it is easier for you to lower your body temperature naturally. Sleeping naked not only provides better sleep, it'll contribute to overall health, which will make your nights sleep even better. You will wake up the next day full of energy and ready to face the world, naked or not. So, the next time you are heading to bed, consider sleeping naked.

Self Confidence

" Be yourself, love yourself and just be happy!"

For most, this is probably the biggest issue people have in today's world. Society warping our brains to think one thing, when reality is painting a whole other picture. We as humans are not perfect whatsoever, the flaws are real. Naturism can help boost your confidence and self-esteem by surrounding yourself with like-minded people.

Once you step into the naturist world, whether you're at a resort, beach, your house or in the woods running around naked with friends, you will start regarding each other as equals. It is a way to bring y'all together without judgement or labels. Naturism is a very inclusive lifestyle, all shapes, sizes, genders, races and ages can thoroughly enjoy this. Feeling accepted among others is the motto for naturism and with everyone as naked as you, the barriers are removed and we all feel confident and loved.


Being stark naked in front of strangers, you would not think that it would lower your stress levels....quite the opposite in fact! WRONG! Skin-on-skin contact releases the oxytocin hormone in the body thus bringing happiness. It also regulates cortisol, the stress hormone.

Removing your clothes, those barriers, will release that stress for you. Having nothing to worry about or nothing to hide, will result in better stress levels. Going back to sleeping naked, that will also lower levels giving you better sleep.

Connecting With Nature

This is the reason some join naturism. Not many people realize the natural and spiritual aspect of the lifestyle. For some, it's deeper than just being naked outdoors. Connecting with Mother Nature by removing the layers and grounding yourself is super healing on the mind, body and soul. Try meditating, yoga or simply take a walk in the woods without clothes and just take in the surroundings while inhale and exhale deeply.


Hopefully these benefits intrigue you and push you closer to experiencing this beautiful lifestyle!


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