Eden Exists!

This past February, I decided to check out Miami for the first time during the first weekend of that month. While @ it, I decided to try booking a shoot w/ aspiring model Existing Eden, whom I tried doing a shoot w/ three months prior in New York, in which we're both from, but things came up for her and she ended up relocating to Miami indefinitely. We kept in touch and during my trip down to Miami, we managed to finally make it happen.

Eden in Nature - the Garden of Eden!

Spending a good part of her morning in a good part of nature.

The 5-foot-11 Existing Eden in nature w/ the sun and a typical Florida palm tree behind her.

On Haulover Beach, the nude beach in North Miami walking towards the Atlantic Ocean, which looks pretty blue and clear; aside that, it's not all too different than up in NY, where it would've been too cold for a beach shoot around this time.

Taking a dip in the water during the start of the afternoon.

Relaxing by backfloating on the water - Eden's Atlantic!

Watching a wave form further ahead.

Swimming underwater like a fish!

Making her way out of the ocean after her swim.

An amazing amazon on an amazing afternoon, w/ the buildings behind her and all.

In the sand catching some sun and waves.

Swinging on one of the little beach huts. More awesome to work w/ than I expected and definitely wouldn't mind working w/ her again.


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