Expecting Peace

I first met Flora @ Elsa Marie Keefe's "Nudes and Horses" art event in March 2020, and we'd cross paths quite often since being the fact that we're both friends of Elsa's. Flora has done plenty of shoots w/ Elsa and her friends, and it looks like she's really into modeling. Well, months ago, she ended up expecting her first child, so why not try pulling off a little maternity shoot? Was supposed to do one around where she is in Virginia, but timing was a bit off there; however, she made it up to NY about a week or two later, and that's when we made it happen.

Flora @ 36 weeks.

A view of the streets of Downtown Brooklyn, NY on a late summer morning.

The 5-foot-1 Flora in her element expecting her first child, which happens to be a boy.

Relaxing in the bathtub Peace-fully. That's right, her newborn son's name ended up being Peace.

Standing up, finishing her bath.

Fresh out the shower, in front of the mirror.

W/ her glasses on now and showing Peace - in more ways than one.

Peace and love.

...and the glasses off now. Flora makes an awesome muse; tenacious and all. From the looks of things, the sky's the limit for Flora as a model - as well as a mother!


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