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Twitter for Naturists

Is Twitter the #1 social media platform for naturists?

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Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is the only platform that doesn't seem to crack down on nudity or explicit content giving naturists the ability to thrive. Although Twitter does ban graphic nudity in the header and profile image, they let you freely share anything nudity related along with links to sources or whatever. So it's a fair trade off I think!


Let's be real, the naturist Twitter community is super supportive of others. The community is massive on the platform making it the best place to be as a naturist. Free to share your nude adventures, share others' photos and more! I personally started out on Instagram, trying to build my own naturist community and it just got shut down three times by the IG Police. I was convinced to try Twitter and after a bit I realized how wonderful the community was that I decided to switch my community into a personal account because I wanted to be apart of the Twitter community and experience that myself. It was then I realized that being more personal is the key to success.

Nowadays, it seems like almost every nudist club, resort, beach has some form of representation on Twitter. It's almost like they know this is the place to be to attract the crowd right?

Pros + Cons

We all know mostly everything has a positive and negative to it right? Twitter is no exception. There are many great things it has for naturists and then the not so great things.

What I really love about Twitter is that you can choose whatever name you want. This is huge to some naturists that would like to remain anonymous because or family, work, religion, etc... You have the right to express yourself without being judged by friends and family. It also provides you the chance to meet like-minded people from around the world and interact with them and possibly meet in person. It's amazing what technology and the internet can do these and by that I am thankful.

What I don't love about Twitter is all the spam and bot accounts. It is very frustrating to us when we have to go through our following and delete hundreds of bots and fake accounts. Having the option to switch to a private account limits that and you can control who follows you, but then you risk not getting seen or heard by more people. That was a risk I was willing to take unfortunately. Our voices can still be heard! The other thing is that people still relate naturism to sex and how naturists (especially women) get sexualized for simply wanted to enjoy life clothes free. It's still a struggle to get more women into the lifestyle due to this and thirsty men just wanting to see naked women for their sexual pleasure.

Going Mainstream

We all want that moment in life when society sees naturism as the norm and allows public nudity to take place everywhere. Some places, like Central Park, NYC have allowed topless sunbathing in recent years. By showing up, putting in the work and trying to encourage others, the "textiles", that going nude is simply natural and allowing us to be comfortable in our own skin and accepting all human bodies.

Twitter is saturated with naturists and it's only beginning to grow. We need to keep building up the community so enough people can see and question the lifestyle. We know all across Europe, nudity is very normal, tribes in Africa, South America are known for living nude lifestyles and no one questions that, so why can't it be like that everywhere? That is why we take to social media platforms like Twitter to speak the truth and share our stories to a broader audience in hopes to make it to the mainstream.



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