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Being a naturism ambassador

Who am I and what does it mean to be a naturism ambassador?

I'm a life enjoying bisexual free spirit, an artist soul expressing my emotions and true inner being with my naked body.

That's who I am - the short answer. Here is the longer version:

Naturism ambassador

In another blogpost here you have probably already read about being a naturism ambassador. I am a naturism ambassador too, and also a naturism promoter and a naturism advocate - and I really love being one with and naked in nature! I also love going on long nude walks/nude hikes (even in the winter), love drive naked, ride my bike naked and be naked in public as much as possible - as a promoter of public nudity. I'm also a social media marketer, a space nerd, a nature photographer, a Hittaut orienteerer and a nude art model, who also love doing naked yoga, especially outdoors. Ok... but what does it mean to be a naturism ambassador and promoter? For me it means that I try to promote nudity in general and naturism in particular. In this case, with promoting, I mean that I show others what natural and ordinary things one can do naked, instead of wearing clothes, in my social media accounts, by posting censored nudes of me doing for example house cores, walking in the forest or just driving cars, just to mention a few things.

Wanna make a change

In opposite to many other naturists and nudists - who finds it quite good in just being naked, doing stuff (sunbathing at the beach, walking in the mountains, doing gardening, etc) by themselves or with others and not make a lot of noise about it - I also wanna promote everything I do naked. "Why?" you might think... That's because I wanna make a change, to be a good example, by normalizing nudity. I want everybody to be free to choose whether they wanna be naked or not when they for example get out, without having to face staring eyes, disparaging or deprecatory comments, or even get caught by the police. Watching me they hopefully start thinking they can do it too and in that way helping to make public nudity mainstream.

Fine example

UK is a fine example of that. They recently got their old anti-nudity laws lifted, so there anyone can roam freely in nature without risking to be put in jail. Even the phone operators there, that gets "alarm calls" from reporting persons, has to inform the reporters that the nude persons has not committed any crime just by being naked - not even if a child happened to be present alongside the reporting person. Yay, to that!

Awesome life!

Being naked in nature brings me such relief, freedom and wonderful times that it's almost impossible to describe more than it's absolutely awesome! I really love it! If you wanna know more about why I am a naturist, you can check out my previous Naked Earthlings blog post about the benefits of naturism, here:

Useful social media hashtags

In my Social media naturism posts I usually use these hashtags to describe me and to promote naturism - and you can use them too, if you like: #Naturism #NakedInNature #NudeWalks #NudeHikes #NakedYoga #NakedInSnow #NakedDriver #PublicNudity #MakeNudeInPublicMainstream #MakePublicNudityMainstream #ChristoferDössNaturist #FreeSpirit #ArtistSoul #NaturismAmbassador #NaturismPromoter #NaturismAdvocate Have a good time - preferably by starting with naturism, you too! /Christofer Döss Naturist


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