That's An Option?!

People get involved in nudism/naturism for many reasons. My journey into the lifestyle started in a somewhat comical fashion as a child.

I always enjoyed not wearing clothes; however, as a society, we are raised to be clothed. It never occurred to me to live any other way. Coming from a rather conservative family, I’d take a while to get dressed after showering but that was my only time not wearing clothes. I never thought about being naked beyond that. When you are eight, nine, and ten, hanging out naked isn’t really on your to-do list.

One spring, right after I turned eleven, we received a Barnes and Noble catalog in the mail. While going through the pages, I came across a section with several books on nudism/naturism. Neurons started firing out of control as a paradigm shift was occurring in my brain. People live naked? That’s an option?! My life changed forever right then and there.

I started sleeping naked and spending small amounts of time in my bedroom naked. I couldn’t believe how natural nudity felt to me. With my large family, which would not approve of my chosen lifestyle, there were very few times that I could be naked outside of the bathroom and, sometimes, in my bedroom.

Inspiration hit! I had to babysit my youngest sister for about an hour each weekday afternoon. It was just the two of us home and that was an hour per day I could be naked. I had to get my sister onboard. She was the black sheep of the family and I figured she would jump at the chance to try nudism/naturism even though she was only six. I was correct! We started hanging out naked together every afternoon. There were times we almost got caught, times we played stupid games of truth or dare (without the truth part), etc. Each day we grew more and more comfortable living naked. There are many stories to be told but, this is about how we got into nudism/naturism. Was this an unconventional introduction to the lifestyle? Do others have similar origin stories?


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