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Amazing Agnes

Updated: Feb 12

Living on the east coast of Australia, gifts us a beautiful subtropical climate. Earlier this year, we decided to pack the car up and head off to a coastal seaside town of Agnes Waters.

Having recently purchased some new camping gear, we booked in at an Eco camp ground in Agnes. Now this was our first time here, and didn’t really know what to expect.

However arriving after a 4 hr drive north was a lovely bush setting with plenty of bird life and the odd goanna or 2.

We asked for a camp site that was” out of the way” and had some privacy, so after setting up camp that truly was away from everyone else we headed off to the beach to immerse in the cool waters.

Living a some what clothes free life at home, we like to explore places we can swim and sun ourselves without the need for a swimsuit.

A friend had recommended a local beach not far from the camp ground, called Springs beach, she said it was a beautiful secluded place that was not very populated, and although not an official nude beach, you could find places to strip off and enjoy the sun and cooling waters.

What we found was a beautiful bay that was our own private nude beach for the next few days.

Sunny days, beach umbrella, sun hat nourishing foods, beach towels and a sarong was our way for the next few days.

Immersing in the ocean, laying in the sun naked, is one of life’s simple pleasures. We managed to have nude beach strolls, and explored the coastline pretty much to ourselves, with the odd person passing by, that didn’t seem to be at all concerned by our bare bums.

We saw eagles, goanna, wallabies and was so fortunate to witness a baby turtle hatch.

Being sunkissed from the beach we headed back to our camp site for some afternoon snacks and a cold beer.

Realising that our site was also very private, we were able to be naked much of the time here as well.

Over the next 4 days, to be in nature, eating delicious simple meals, feeling a deep sense of relaxation we truly did enjoy a care free and clothes free holiday in Amazing Agnes.

Keep smiling

Duncan and Jacs



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