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Six Months into Social Nudity

Updated: Mar 18

~ How amazing is the feeling of freedom on the naked soul? How grounded can one feel as nature is absorbed through the cells in the naked body? ~

Hello Naked Earthlings!

Well, it’s been about six months or so since I started my venture into the nudist/naturist lifestyle and I feel like I have discovered a rebirth. I’m not saying a lot has necessarily changed, but I’ve learned so much in my continuing education of this new lifestyle.

I have reopened my joy in being naked and feeling the freedom that comes with baring my body and soul in nature. Not worrying about the acceptance of others, but learning more about the acceptance of myself.

These past few months, I have made great strides in being nude in public, and not fearing the hidden whispers of judgement or the sorrowful glances of those who see the scars of the pains I’ve gone through to get to this moment. I feel comfortable and keep reminding myself, this is my journey, my choice, my story, my decision, my joy and I have felt the warmth of other’s smiles and kind words and “atta girl” congratulations. Those positive remarks remind me to continue moving forward. The friends who shared those positive words are the ones I feel walk along with me and support me on my adventure.

I have such a limited opportunity to get into the nature I’m seeking. I want more, I need to find more, I want to breathe in more and heal the years of my own prison. The prison I let others put me in, where I felt less than whole, not comfortable, and unbalanced.

I still have work to do mentally to accept and forgive. Not only others, but myself.

My accomplishments thus far may seem minor to those who have embraced this lifestyle for longer periods of time and those who have gone through personal challenges to reach their comfort zone, but I am pleased with my progress. I have managed to go to a nude/clothing optional beach on a regular basis when I can and relax in the sun and play in the ocean, walk to and from the water when there are hundreds on the beach chilling like any other beach, doing what they do, whether it is sunbathing, reading, or just searching for shells or hidden treasures in the sand. I’ve even become a member of a local naturist group!

My experience with venturing to my local clothing optional beach was a big step for me. I was going to strip down in public for the first time. Baring my body with all its imperfections and challenging myself to be brave and nonchalant about my public reveal! I chose to go at sunrise hoping there would be fewer people there. Topless wasn’t really too big a deal but unwrapping my sarong, well that took a little longer to release. When I finally felt I would be okay and not gather my belongings and bolt, I witnessed most beachgoers seem to just be there for the sheer enjoyment of a warm embrace from the sun. Most everyone is naked. I have to say, I didn’t really look at anyone when I first started attending, the eye contact thing was ever so slightly awkward. But I have now actually met a few people, some randomly, some with the intention of meeting up, people I have met through online platforms. I have expanded my naturist universe by becoming involved with other naturist groups on social media as well.

Through social media I also found an opportunity to grow my self awareness, embrace nature and all that comes with releasing negative energy and getting a better grasp on the natural approach to becoming a stronger soul, adding to my personal journey. I attended a wonderful session of “awakening” with a group of women. I can’t begin to tell you how that experience opened my awareness and helped me connect to nature and let go of some of the things which were holding me back. I have so much respect for these women who shared their stories and came to find a connection with Mother Earth.

During the past six months I have told friends about my naturist journey, and I have not received even the slightest odd look! Everyone seems to take my news as though I was sharing any story. Although, I have not been able to recruit any of my nearby friends yet to try this adventure despite my efforts.

Sometimes this journey is not as rosy as I make it sound. There are days where I question myself. Here I am telling about all the wonderful things which have occurred on this journey and yet, I suppose no journey is taken without an occasional obstacle or deterrent. There are days I think I have pushed myself too fast. Almost like a dare just to prove my worth. There are times I feel like this was a pointless effort and want to return to being a house nudist. There are undesirables in every group, some of whom bother, some of whom seem to expect something more from me because I am female and showing my body. Some are a bit scary.

I have so far managed to ward off the ones who have physically approached me with sexual intentions. Fortunately most have politely gone away while I kept a calm and pleasant demeanor.

Then there have been times when I want to shut it all down.

I have met a few new friends over the past six months who are usually somewhere else on the planet, most are great distances away! Sharing pictures and stories has allowed me to view beautiful locations I would never have known about. What a beautiful planet we live on when you can shut out all the ugly.

I have met a few naturists in person which can be a bit uncomfortable for a moment, but after a few minutes of pleasantries, you forget that you are all nude, and are just having a conversation.

There have been times when I am my own worst enemy, thinking over what I view as my imperfections. To those who read this and are considering a naturist lifestyle know that whatever you might feel is your imperfection, whether scars, disfigurements or whatever your personal burden may be, don’t let it keep you from trying naturism. I can now say that from my recent experiences, no one cares. The field is level, and even if someone were to think one way or another, that’s on them, that is their reflection and nothing for you to be concerned about. I still show up and move forward and pretend my personal hang ups don’t exist, (I am still currently working on personal body acceptance) I mention this only so those reading this blog post understand to just keep moving forward and remember we are all different by nature’s design. You can overcome your anxieties and fears.

The true naturist community is mostly kind and welcoming from my recent experiences.

The freeing feeling that comes with naturism can only be described as euphoric. If you’ve ever thought about stepping outside your comfort zone by stepping outside in nature, beyond your home, beyond your backyard, to a naturist adventure, connecting with the elements, I believe you will comprehend the soul-healing abilities and health benefits of nature.

With peace and love,

Sunshine ☀️☮️❤️



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