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The First Step of My Journey

Updated: Feb 12

~ Aging in the warmth of the earth and the love in the universe. Never too late to continue to thrive and be more, to learn, to trust, to love. No judgement. Trust my gut. Enjoy the warmth of the fire, the breeze through the leaves, the waters that surround me! Open my eyes to enjoy the beauty of our world in a place far from mad men and power! My bubble, my happiness, my decisions, my world. ~

I’ve lived over six decades and feel I have so much more to learn about people, environments and self.

This journey began last year when out of the blue, a young man came into my life again with a different perspective. I’ve known him all his life, we’d see each other from time to time over the years. While we began a regular conversation, over time I started taking down bricks in the wall, I wanted to share more, but there was a trust that needed to be established. He doesn’t know my whole story and when he reads this he will understand the value of his friendship.

Nakedness is not new to me. Back when I was much younger there were times of skinny dipping, pool hopping, mooning, baring ass here and there, and the ever daring event of streaking! (This was really more of a guy thing.) We’ll jump a decade or so and I was married and sailing the Bay on weekends with my husband and we’d meet up with and sail with friends. When we could, we’d sail naked. The breeze blowing against the skin was just delightful . There is such a feeling of freedom, freedom from clothes. Freedom from any thoughts or concerns! Sailing is wonderful, naked sailing is magical!

Earlier in my life there were events which occurred that altered my trust in people and how I felt about my body. There was rape, and other physical and mental abuses in a few instances. I closed down. I hated my body. Mentally, abuse can fuck you up.

I bring this up because as I attempt to regain my trust, in others and myself, I decided to share on this account a new path at a much older age. When most of my friends are content, I am looking for my freedom. My freedom from the constriction of society’s views about being nude. My Mom was an artist, so we had art books throughout growing up, scattered here and there. We’d look through those books and that was our intro to nudism. She always remarked that it was art. I’m not a major non-conformist nor do I think my natural/naked body positive journey will change anyone other than myself. If it gives another a reason to consider braving a new challenge trying naturism, then that’s awesome!

I have a different body now from when I was in my 20-30s. Our life story is sometimes written on our skin. Part of my story of life and survival is showing. It is not always a negative scar or shape or mark. But because I learned to believe society expects us to be perfect models of what a few consider perfect, the reality is we are all perfect exactly the way we are on this planet. A higher power gave us the opportunity to embrace all the world’s variations of life around us. I believe naturism isn’t so much about body as it is about our souls, acceptance and our connection to all nature.

I wouldn’t trade my physical scars for anything. They are the markings of creating two magnificent humans, and surviving a cancer. Currently, I am fighting a condition that affects the physical appearance of a certain part of my body. It is my albatross. Many of us have internal scars too, that lay just beneath the surface, those are the scars that sometimes prevent the freedoms we long for in this life. We must remember we are supposed to be here, on this crazy wild ride, venturing off the proverbial path to bring us to a higher plane. Our hike through nature.

So, as I, an older soul, in a challenged, scarred body, present myself to the freedoms of nature, I hope you, the true naturists, embrace my soul which shines through, as the light through the leaves in a forest presents itself to light the path we all wish to follow.

All bodies are beautiful and each one has a story all its own to share, not one is the same as another, together we create the universe, as our souls eventually will meld to form a new existence. Embrace the world around you. Inhale the cold air, feel the warm breezes, the smells of nature, the sites surrounding you and absorb those senses through the cells in your naked self. It can only heal you, both internally and externally. Free your body, free your burdens, free your mind, free your heartaches, and embrace naturism. I mean, really what have I got to lose but my clothes!

Peace and love to you all. ☮️❤️



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