Respecting Mother Nature

As Naturists, it is our duty to be one with nature right? So respect it and be mindful when you decide to venture outdoors.

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Earth Day was on April 22, and its funny to me because we really need to start celebrating our home planet everyday and not just once a year. As humans, we need to know and learn more about Earth and everything it is doing to keep us alive. Without her, we would not be here...

Be Mindful

When it comes to being a naturist/nudist, some think that being naked in nature is enough.....well it isn't! Yes wearing less clothes means less laundry which means less energy being used by washers and dryers. Thats all great and well, but what we really need is for everyone to be mindful of what they are doing in their everyday life to reduce their carbon footprint as much as they can.


Another thing when taking you naked adventures outdoors is to never leave a trace. Take a look around you when you're on a hike, at the beach or simply just going for a walk. If you see any trash laying around, pick it up! If you don't have the proper equipment to do so, make a mental note to go back when you do to clear the space of trash. Our oceans are covered in plastic waste and it's destroying the ecosystem that lives underwater.


This is not really a blog post, more so just a friendly reminder to respect and appreciate the planet you live on. Now go out there and show some respect to Mother Nature!


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