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Finding Other Naturists

Struggling to find like-minded folks or having trouble convincing your partner to indulge in the lifestyle with you? Here are some ways you can help yourself find others like you.

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Naturism is a social thing right? Although there definitely is a massive group of people that are only home nudists, there is also a large group of naturists that do actually enjoy the social aspect of it. For most people, the single person they would go to regarding this lifestyle would obviously be their partner with their kids coming in second. Just like so many things in life, naturism is often better if it's shared with your loved ones. But what if they don't agree with your habits of being nude and want nothing to do with it?

Now some will say just browse the internet, you'll find that there are many different naturist sites, even for dating. These sites are mostly fake and a bunch of scams, so tread lightly folks! There are plenty of other ways to find like-minded people and I will list them below.

Nudist Resorts

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This is by far the most popular choice. If you want to find a naturist near you, just go to places where you know you can find them. If you visit a resort near to where you reside, chances are you’ll run into someone familiar that you never knew was a naturist themselves or your possible new best friend.

When it comes to naturism, most people looking for those friends are iffy about showing up to resorts alone, especially women. Well, I for sure can tell you that the majority of naturists are friendly and often accept strangers with open arms. So just toughen up, hit the road to your local resort and chances are you're leaving with at least one new friend.

Speaking of going alone....some resorts are weird about single men showing up, which is understandable in this world unfortunately. If that's the case, fear not my friends, there are other ways to find friends.

Join a Club

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Personally not my cup of tea. Joining a club or federation for that matter has its advantages as well as disadvantages. I'm not saying don't join one, that's your choice, just not something I am interested in. If you are looking to join one, AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) is a good place to start for those living in America.

It's a great way to get to know more people in the lifestyle especially for singles looking to make friends and potentially meet their partner. For couples, I don't see where it could be necessary since most couples can get access to any resort or club they want to venture to. Like I said previously, single men have harder times getting to resorts, so being a member of a club would probably help their chances more.

Social Media

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I couldn't tell you the amount of people I've met through social media. Honestly the only good thing about it. It's such a powerful tool for meeting like-minded people from all over the world. Granted, you may not ever meet these people in person, but its a great way to connect and talk about the lifestyle.

We talked about Twitter and its benefits for naturists. That's a great place to start if you're looking to post your own naturist journey as well. If not, Instagram will work just as fine. The downside to social media is that everyone isn't always the person in their profile. Tons of bots and fake profiles saturate the social media realm.

You can also search Facebook for groups in your area/country. Use the tools provided and you'll easily realize how quick you can find naturists. There are more than you think in this world!

Online Communities

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This is last for obvious reasons. The fakes are not only on social media. Communities out there like TrueNudists are a good example of an online community saturated with fake profiles. But with the fakes also come the real ones. TrueNudists has its fair share of real genuine naturists actually looking to make friends to enjoy the lifestyle with. It's a hit or miss honestly. I personally tried this online community years ago and couldn't seem to stick with it. It has all the amenities you could want in an online community, forum, chat, profiles, search engine, etc.

Use with caution!



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