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Naturism - both physically and mentally healing

Updated: Feb 20

Something that more people should dedicate their life and lifestyle to - especially in these times of war and other miseries - is naturism!

Since I started living fully as a naturist, at the beginning of 2020 when the corona pandemic forced us to be isolated and visiting individual places was an exemplary way to travel - and therefore especially perfect if you want to be naked in nature, my life has become so much better (not that I felt bad or anything before, but it still did)!

Here are a few reasons why you should become a naturist - and embrace the lifestyle of naturism - based upon my own experiences. Here are also a few tips how to get started if you are new to naturism.

Wonderfully awesome

Being naked in the sun and feeling its warmth on a beach, feeling the wind against your bare skin during a shorter or longer naked walk in the forest or along an old disused railway, driving a car without clothes, or just being naked at home if you feel like it, is almost indescribably wonderfully awesome!

Free and relieved

The feeling you get when you stroll freely in the woods and fields, without any clothing on your body - and especially if you are also barefoot - is, as I said, almost indescribably wonderfully awesome! You feel such freedom and relief and all the obligations and compulsions are as if blown away, as well as all heavy yokes and possibly ditto thoughts (I myself do not have such but know others who get rid of them) and what you want least of all is that this glorious time will ever run out! Uplifting, free and absolutely wonderful is what you feel - and it's something you wish everyone could have the joy of feeling!

Naturism is one of the best lifestyles, if not the best, in my opinion. It has so many benefits that books have been written about it, podcasts are produced, films are made and millions of people go to naturist resorts, camping parks and beaches each holiday season.

Pure happiness

Just like the nudeandhappy text above says, there are oceans of sources that tells the benefits of naturism, so it really is proven that naturism is good for both body and soul - and I can only agree! Pure happiness is what you feel! Pure happiness! Here is for example a Naked Earthlings blog post about the Benefits of naturism.

How to get started

Are you interested in getting started but don't know how? Here are some good tips that I started with myself, long time ago:

- Cleaning, washing dishes, making the bed and other household chores naked.

- Go to a nude beach and be naked where others are too. The least a naturist cares about is how someone looks and least of all how someone looks naked. so it's completely "harmless". - If you have the opportunity, work nude in the garden.

- Take a short walk in the forest naked. Bring a backpack to put your clothes in. Once you've taken your clothes off and started walking, you will realized that it's such a wonderfully freeing feeling. I can promise you that you won't want to put your clothes back on again! You will also start question yourself why you haven't done this earlier. Much earlier! When you have done this a couple of times you really should try doing it barefoot too - to make the incredible freeing sensation even more awesome (but mind your steps so you don't hurt your feet)!

Already consider yourself a naturist?

Show your fellow clothed non naturist friends this blog post to encourage them to try our wonderful lifestyle!

Be a naturist!

Have a good time - preferably by starting with naturism! /Christofer Döss Naturist


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