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Top 5: Nude Beaches in America

Traveling to the states and want to experience a nude beach or simply interested in seeing what your home country has to offer? Look no further, here is a list of some nude beaches across the United States.

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Hauler Beach

Miami, Florida

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By far the most popular nude beach in the United States, attracting more than 1.3 million people every year.

If you visit in July, you will get to experience the National Nude Recreation Week festivities, including a dj, beverages, and the chance to set guiness world record for most people skinny dipping!

Little Beach

Maui, Hawaii

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Little Beach offers a private getaway for travelers who love to take it all off. The beach is surrounded by trees and offers some of the clearest water for bathing. It is also located near a volcanic cinder cone and ancient lava flows. So whether you're visiting the beach to get naked or not, this little piece of heaven is a sight seeing attraction for sure.

When you're done swimming and need a break from the sun, you can visit the nearby state park marine sanctuary, which is well known for its whales, tropical fish, dolphins, and sea turtles. Make time to visit Little Beach in time for sunset on Sunday, when fire dancers and a drum circle take center stage.

"The Hawaiian beach fantasy without the bathing suits."

Baker Beach

San Francisco, California

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Baker Beach is a very popular urban beach in San Francisco that offers nude sunbathing and a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The one mile long beach is backed by cliffs, which are home to a choice of hiking trails, two historical coastal artillery batteries and a small park with restrooms.

You’ll see a very clear ‘Hazardous Surf’ sign on the beach, which not only indicates how risky it can be to take a dip in the cold water here, but also marks the boundary of the clothing-optional zone. Make sure you don’t disrobe until you're north of the sign.

Gunnison Beach

Highlands, New Jersey

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Gunnison Beach on Sandy Hook is the destination of choice for New Yorkers looking to unburden themselves of all their troubles, stresses and clothes. Being on Sandy Hook peninsula, just 2 hours’ drive from Brooklyn, it offers a pretty good view of the Big Apple on a clear day. The clothing-optional part of this white-sand shore is the southern bit, which is quite far from the carpark and is clearly signposted.

Aside from its views and liberal policies, the beach’s assets include restrooms, showers and shops where you can buy or rent beach gear and water sports equipment. There are also several trails and interesting historical attractions, such as old coastal batteries, forts and the lighthouse.

Moshup Beach

Aquinnah, Massachusetts

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Moshup Beach is a spectacular place to enjoy the sunset on Martha’s Vineyard. It’s located on the island’s east coast, at the foot of the Gay Head cliffs. The terracotta-coloured clay cliffs look especially striking in the dying rays of the end of the day.

A clothing-optional northern part of Moshup Beach is relatively easy to get to but lacks much in the way of facilities. There’s a carpark, shops and even a cultural museum and the Aquinnah Cliffs Overlook, but these are a considerable walk away from the nearest beach entrance.



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